Stay connected with the Sjögren’s community

Through the partnership of RCSI researchers and Sjögren’s patient advocates we aim to increase the awareness the of Sjögrens syndrome amoung the general public and with healthcare professionals, in addition to developing events where you can connect with other Sjögrens patients and benefit from mutual support.

The first step to staying connected is joining the Sjögrens Ireland mailing list. This mailing list and the Sjögrens Research Ireland webpage will have the most up to date information on activities and initiatives that are being planned. Please complete the form below which asks a series of questions relating to engaging with scientists and joining the Sjögrens Patient Advocacy Group.
We encourage you take the time to complete this form to help make sure that we asking the healthcare specialists you would like see featured at our events and inform us of the types of events you would like to see us organise in the future.

Below is a link to a form where you can indicate your interest in being contacted by RCSI researchers or representatives from the Sjögrens Patient Organisation.

Click here to go to the form and submit your details

You can also keep up to date with events and activities through following Sjögrens Ireland on:

In 2009, the International Sjögren’s Network (ISN) was established. This group of 15 organizations representing various countries has worked in partnership to develop the International Sjögren’s Network. We are delighted that the Sjögrens Ireland advocacy group was recently included in their international listing.

Click here to see the International Sjögren’s Network list of support groups and networks you may be interesting in joining or supporting